About Us

Your Mom Comics is a small comic book production company located in the Olympic Northwest of Washington State, USA.

We got started one day in 2010 when Jon Promer and James Jackson both realized they had the bulk of work done on their own first comic books and decided to collaborate.  Right away, Jon suggested that we team up with another friend of his named, “Ted Osborne”.

“Ted’s cool, man,” Promer said to James, “you’ll get along with him really well.”

Sure enough, once we all collaborated and joined forces in the world of comic book production we all found our groove quickly.  Within the first year, we had published the first issues in a handful of lines and were already putting together our second issues.

Now, in 2012, we’ve been to two half a dozen conventions pimpin’ our work, making contacts and generally having a great time doing what we love.  We’ve already accepted that we won’t make a whole lot of money from Your Mom any time soon, but the rewards for doing a hella great job on our indie comics is income enough for now.

Here’s looking forward to another great year with some fucked up comics.

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