James Jackson – Technical Director

Technically, since I’m writing my own Bio, this is an Auto-Bio. It’ll be in third person, though:

James Jackson grew up in Southern California, and moved at the age of 11 during the Rodney King Riots. From there, he moved to central Missouri and lived there until he graduated High School at the age of 17. Just before his 18th Birthday, he migrated, finally, in the Olympic Northwest (Washington State), where he now resides.

Back in 2009, he found out his friend Jon Promer, whom he had just been shooting music videos for his band Jack Havoc with, wanted to print a comic book. Coincidentally, at that exact same time, James had 48 pages (front-and-back) drawn and finished to put into a comic book, as well. Initially, this comic book publishing endeavor consisted of a duo, but soon enough that changed.

Jon introduced James to Ted, and the three together formed the trifecta of psychedelic, comic-publishing heroes that went on to publish half a dozen different lines of comic books between them and their colleagues.

James’ artistic influences include (but are not limited to):

  • Doug Marlette
  • Robert Crumb
  • Charles Schultz
  • Jim Davis

He hopes to someday teach others how to draw… once he gets a pretty good handle on it.